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Brighton Rock (布莱顿 摇滚) (《极盗车神》电影插曲) – Queen (皇后乐队)

Written by:Brian May

Happy little day Jimmy went away

Met his little Jenny on a public holiday

A happy pair they made so decorously laid

Neath the gay illuminations all along the promenade

It\’s so good to know there\’s still a little magic in the air

I\’ll weave my spell

Jenny will you stay tarry with me pray

Nothing \’ere need come between us tell me love

What do you say

Oh no I must away to my Mum in disarray

If my mother should discover how I spent my holiday

It would be of small avail to talk of magic in the air

I\’ll say farewell

O Rock of Ages do not crumble love is breathing still

O Lady Moon shine down a little people magic if you will

Jenny pines away writes a letter everyday

We must ever be together nothing can my love erase

Oh no I\’m compromised I must apologize

If my lady should discover how I spent my holidays


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