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Ogre Battle (猛兽斗) (Live At The Rainbow, London / March 1974) – Queen (皇后乐队)

Now once upon a time

An old man told me a fable

When the piper is gone

And the soup is cold upon the table

And if the black crow flies

Find a new destination

That is the sign

Come tonight

Come to the ogre site

Come to ogre battle fight

He gives a great big cry

Swallow up the ocean

With mighty tongue he catches flies

And the palm of his hand incredible size

One great big eye

Has to focus in your direction

Now the battle is won

Yeah yeah yeah

Come tonight

Come to the ogre site

Come to ogre battle fight

The ogre men are still inside

The two way mirror mountain

You gotta keep down

Right out of sight

You can\’t see in but they can see out

Keep a look out

The ogre men are comming out

Two way mirror mountain

They\’re running up behind

And they\’re coming all about

Can\’t go east cause you gotta go south

Ogre men are going home

The great big fight is over

Bugle blow that trumpet cry

Ogre battle lives for ever more

You can come along

You can come along

Come to ogre battle


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