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I still believe-Mariah Carey 我依然相信(玛莉亚・凯丽)


U look in my eyes.

And I get emotional.


I know it\’s crazy.

But U still can touch my heart.

And after all this time.

U\’d think that I.

I wouldn\’t feel the same.

But time melts into nothing.

And nothing\’s changed.

I still believe.

Someday U & me.

Will find ourselves.

In love again.

I had a dream.

Each day of my life.

I\’m filled with all the joy.

I could find.

U know that

I am not the desparate type.

If there\’s one spark of hope.

Left in my grasp.

I hold it with both hands.

It\’s worth the risk of burning.

To have a second chance.

No,no no no no no.

I need U baby.

I still believe that we can be together.


If we believe that true love.

Never has 2 end.

Then we must know that we will love again.

Oh baby yeah.

U & me.

(Oh baby I do)Some day U & me.

(Just give me one more try).

I had a dream(I miss Ur love).

I-I still believe(yeah I still believe).


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